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2019- 2020 Term Dates

Autumn Term 2019

First Day: Saturday 21st September (fees for autumn term due)

Last Day: Saturday 21st December (fees for spring term due)

Half Term (Closed): Saturday 26th October

Total Number of Sessions: 13


Spring Term 2020

First Day: Saturday 11th January

Last Day: Saturday 4th April  (fees for summer term due)

Half Term (Closed): Saturday 22nd February

Total Number of Sessions: 12


Summer term 2020

First Day: Saturday 25th April

Last Day: Saturday 18th July (deposit for next year due)

Last 10 Ramadan & Eid (Closed): Saturday 16th and 23rd May

Total Number of Sessions: 11






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Our timetable has been structured according to what our team feel addresses the priorities for our students in the 4 hours they spend with us. The priorities vary slighty according to the age groups and this is reflected in the timetables below:

Qur'an/Qaida - Most students will be focusing on learning how to read/improve their reading in this lesson. For a select few who are already fluent readers, this time will be spent memorising in-shaa'Allah. Lessons may consist of class learning, independent writing activities, independent reading activities & some individual time with the teacher.

Islamic Studies & Story Time - In each term, we aim to briefly cover a different area of knowledge as follows:

- Term 1: Aqeedah

- Term 2: Morals & Manners

- Term 3: Worship

We will use the story time to narrate stories from the Quran & Seerah, along with other stories in-shaa'Allah


Class Memorisation -

Although memorisation is not our key focus, this session will be dedicated to memorising some of the shorter surahs from the end of the Quran (+Fatiha) and memorising some of the daily supplications from the Sunnah in-shaa'Allah.

Islamic Studies -

In each term, we aim to briefly cover a different area of knowledge as follows:

- Term 1: Aqeedah

- Term 2: Seerah

- Term 3: Worship

The schedule may be slightly amended near significant Islamic dates/events, i.e. Hajj



This subject will be used to discuss different topics on a weekly basis related to personal, social, health education from an Islamic perspective. Topics may include friendships, smoking, drugs, bullying, kindness to neighbours, kindness to parents and more


Year 1 to Year 4 Timetable*

Year 5 to Year 11 Timetable*

Brief Description of Each Subject

* Timetables are subject to change